The Forest Service Uniform

When patrolling, we are required to be in a FS Volunteer uniform. While the goal is to have all patrol members in official uniforms for consistency and to portray professionalism, we currently have some flexibility. The official Volunteer uniform consists of the following:

· FS uniform shirt with volunteer patch on right sleeve and name plate worn on the right pocket flap just under top stitching. The volunteer pin is worn on the left pocket flap over the button. Other optional pins that can be worn are official pins such as the FS shield or Smokey Bear pins, and the American flag. These can be worn on the pocket flaps or shirt collar.

· The optional FS uniform shirt is a khaki polo shirt, long- or shortsleeved, with an embroidered logo on the left side. The name plate is worn on the right and the volunteer pin (optional for the polo shirt) is worn above the embroidered patch. The volunteer patch is on the right sleeve. Note: The FS shirt with volunteer patch is always required, and name plate, pins, and badges need to be worn correctly. Long-sleeved undershirts may be worn under short-sleeved shirts, but the color of the undershirt should match the color of the uniform shirt as closely as possible.

· FS-green field jeans or shorts. If you have olive green jeans, trousers, or shorts that are a close match to the regulation color, it is not necessary to purchase these from the FS. Gray, brown, or khaki are not acceptable colors.

· brown belt;

· appropriate shoes or boots;

· a cap or hat is obligatory, both for uniformity and to set an example for our visitors. There are two styles of caps with Volunteer patch. You may wear your own hat if it is a green or tan color that blends with the uniform. It must be free of brand names or other commercial adornments.

· Outerwear consists of a FS vest or windbreaker with Volunteer patch. If necessary, a non-uniform green jacket or vest may be worn for short periods of time. Note: FS or Volunteer patches must not be attached to any non-uniform items, including jackets and hats. Do not wear any individual FS volunteer uniform items unless you are in uniform; in other words, don't mix uniform items with civilian clothing.)


New Instructions On Ordering Uniforms - Until further notice: ALL orders must be emailed into Human Services Technology (Our Uniform Provider). The email address is: customersvc@htcorp.net


A new Catalog is at the Link below. Look through the catalog, jot down the FS numbers needed. Email Subject: Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol- Ordering Uniforms Simple greeting: Your name, “I’d like to order the following or please refer to my order below.” Do not clutter the email with other comments- just list your order number and the item description.

· We suggest a size Larger than one normally gets in a shirt.

· Second, we recommend Poly/Cotton as a better year round shirt.

· Last with the shirts- be sure to order Long (shirttails). Tucks in better.

· Provide them with your shipping address. And most important, a Phone number. They will call you when the order is ready and request payment details.


NEW members must order a shirt or shirts and a Name Tag. See Catalog attached for instructions. Shirts and nametag are the only mandatory items from the catalog. Whether specified or not, all pants and accessories are optional. To reiterate: Hats and Pants/shorts are your option to buy Retail (or already own) As Long as the pants are some shade of “GREEN”. No tan, no Khaki. The Hat can be your hat, either Tan/Khaki OR Green. No other colors. No logos or advertisement. Bottom line: The Forest Service offers hats and pants and accessories, but you need not buy their pants/shorts or accessories unless you wish to.