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Sabino Canyon

The Visitor Center is located at the northeast corner of Sabino Canyon Road and Sunrise Drive, in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. 

5700 N Sabino Canyon Road, Tucson, Arizona 85750


The Visitor Center Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Canyon never closes except due to emergency or by order of the federal government.

The Visitor Center has a beautiful gift shop where you can purchase books, t-shirts, postcards, and more, plus find loads of free information about Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemmon. There is a fascinating interpretive center, with information on the history, wildlife and flora of Sabino Canyon.

The shuttle that runs every day, from the Visitor Center to the top of Sabino Canyon is fully operational. Consult the shuttle web site for schedule times and consider reserving on line.

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