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Other Uniform Items


Polo Shirt with Volunteer Patch attached to Right sleeve

Optional to place badge above logo. Not required.

Polo Shirt with embroidered U. S. Forest Service Shield

Name Tag opposite and centered on logo, in line with right collar.


Windbreaker as purchased from the uniform store. Comes with Volunteer Patch


Windbreaker as found in the Forest Service warehouse. Note: Has Forest Service logo.

Must attach Volunteer Patch in either location.

Not Required Option


Your personal purchase - Optional. Jacket or vest, please find "some" shade of Green.


If option is taken: Jacket Must have Volunteer  Patch on Left side.  Use Velcro or fabric tape as desired. If vest, the volunteer patch is optional.

It is not required to purchase Forest Service uniform pants or shorts. But you must provide your own pants or shorts in "some" shade of Green Only.

A Hat is Always required outdoors.

You must provide a hat of your choice in "some" shade of Green or Tan/Beige - not white or exeedingly light in either color. No Logos or Writing of any kind.

Brown belt- no exceptions.

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