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2020 Summer Season

                                                Online SCVP Training for 2020 Lemmon Season


As the Sonoran Desert warms, more patrollers are needed in the Mt. Lemmon area because visitor numbers also dramatically increase at higher elevation. By using the SCVP Online Training, you will learn about safety and recreation in the Mt. Lemmon area. You will also learn how to apply and/or modify many of the concepts from your early mentored training and Orientation.


The following links to documents and presentations will take you to the SCVP website, Member Area, and

Coronado National Forest web pages. These self-study components must be completed before Boots-on-the-Ground training.


1. Monsoon Season Safety http://monsoonsafety.org

2. Desert & Heat Hiking Safety Heat Hiking Safety

3. Also refer to Heat Safety cards available at VC and some trailheads

4. Respect & Understand the Wildlife Safety around Wildlife

5. Know before you go: Safety in Fire Season and Restrictions Guidelines. Include the following: 

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions May 15, 2020Fire Closure May 5, 2020 and Fire Closure April 21, 2020 

6. Reporting Emergencies and Non-Emergencies Who to Call for Issues or Emergencies

7. All Forest Closures and Weather (Santa Catalina District- Only)


1. Map of Sky Island Scenic Byway

2. Major Trails Adjoining Sky Island Byway

3. Trail Map of Lower General Hitchcock Highway

4. Trail Map of Upper General Hitchcock Highway

5. Lemmon Training & Patrol Areas by Rating of Difficulty

6. Santa Catalina RD Trails in Coronado Nat’l Forest

7. Santa Catalinas topographical map such as the Green Trails map

8. Palisades Visitor Center

9. Legal variations in dog policies

10.Camping in the Coronado National Forest


Take the 18-question quiz, and follow up on answer details, using provided links

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