Volunteer Accumulated Hours

Award Pins

Pins Awarded
Congratulations to all who earned 100+ hour pins during the 15 months between October 1, 2019 and
December 31, 2020.
New cumulative hour pins have been awarded. Those who earned 100 hour pins and also qualified for
500, 1000, or 2500 hour pins were awarded one pin for the highest level earned.
Next year's pins will be awarded based on hours earned during the calendar year January 1-December
31, 2020.
Please consider donating any 100 hour pins earned in past years for future use by SCVP.
If you opted to have your pin held for future pickup, you will be notified of a time, date and location
for doing so.

Green/ Raised Gold

Blue/Raised Gold

Black/Raised Gold

Cyan/Raised Silver

Red/Raised Gold


Each 1" Diameter, not shown to scale