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  • Is there a minimum age to be a patroller?
    We require that you be 18 years of age at the completion of training.
  • Is there an upper age limit to be a patroller?
    No upper limit in age; however, we ask that you be able to relay all information clearly and comprehensively to our vistors.
  • Do I have to hike long distances?
    No, we do not mandate any amount of time or distance of hiking. It is all up to your personal ability.
  • Can I hike anywhere?
    We service the Santa Catalina Ranger District within the Coronado National Forest. We only patrol within our district. This is discussed in training.
  • Do I need to know and be familiar with ALL the trails in the district?
    Ideally you will learn how to describe each trail whether you hike them or not. You are expected to become fully versed on the majority of "popular" trails.
  • What expenses will I have?
    Members pay annual dues of $20.00 (Subject to change) and purchase uniform items: Forest Service Shirt(s) and a name tag. Other expenses are for the proper color pants, hat and belt.
  • Do I need First Aid or CPR certification?
    No. Beyond staying with an injured person until the proper help arrives and calling 911, you must only provide assistance to the level you are qualified.
  • Will I be guiding hikes and nature walks?
    No. While you do share a few facts about flora, fauna, desert and mountain, we do not lead hikes or nature walks.
  • Can my grandkids, a friend or spouse join me on a patrol?"
    It is prohibited to patrol with a young child. You may patrol with one other person who is self sufficient. If you encounter an emergency situation, your first responsibility is to your patrol duties.
  • Can I patrol in the wilderness and get away from the crowd?
    You are permitted to go out to the wilderness for purposes of becoming familiar with distant trails and looking for hazards to hikers, backpackers and to greet the occasional trekker. We ask that you balance your patrols between wilderness and popular trails.
  • Will I have to know and enforce Forest Service laws and regulations?
    We do not enforce any regulations or laws. However, you will be trained to know the major regulations for the purpose of informing visitors and answering their questions.
  • Can I or do I carry my registered weapon?
    No. While in uniform you cannot carry any weapon.
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