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June 20, 2020 Updated Gatekeepers instructions:



Gatekeepers, we are not to monitor/patrol at the Sabino main entrance anymore during the closure; The Incident Management Team 2 LEO has decided that only official law enforcement will man the Main Entrance. If you have questions please do not drop by to talk to the LEO (all questions and comments should be directed to me by email or text). If an official arrives at a station you are manning, and intends to stay through your shift, then you should leave. Remember, we do whatever the LEO says to do, including leaving and going home or to another access location.

Judith Peters, SCVP President

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or text to 520-599-8644

JUNE 16, 2020 : Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is officially closed.


The Sabino Canyon Recreation Area (SCRA) is now officially closed with closure order finalized last night. This means no entry is allowed without written authorization. This closure includes volunteers, so please do not go into the SCRA unless directed to by an "officer of the day".


However, we have been asked to assist at the various entrances, official and unofficial, to inform the public that the area is closed. This includes both Bear and Sabino Canyons. Your job will be the usual, stand at your designated spot and inform the public. You may sign up for any day, time slot, and station you wish. The locations and their numbers (in descending order of importance we think) are:

1 -- The Bear Canyon trailhead at the north end of Bear Canyon Road.

2 -- The Main Entrance gate

3 -- The start of the road to the Overflow Lot (wide space at branch point to overflow or warehouse)

4 -- The north end of Sabino Canyon Road before it curves left; just south of the mailboxes there is a broken fencepost and a narrow trail that leads into the Canyon

5 -- The private road by the Sunrise Dr. stoplight; there is space in the barbed wire fence to enter near the private gate.


You may park in the employee lot at the main entrance for Numbers 2 and 5. The other sites have space to park right there.


The link to the sign up sheet is on our website (members page, middle - "Sabino Canyon Gatekeepers'). It is very similar to the regular Patrol Log, with drop-down menus for your name, location, and a two-hour time slot. The late morning and afternoon times are less stringent and you may choose to be on duty less than (or more) than two hours - just list your intended time frame in the comments. Couples or buddies can partner together to keep each other company. It is extremely important to sign up the day before so the LEO has names and contact numbers for each location. I will email him the next day's  "Sabino Canyon Gatekeepers" schedule each night before I go to bed (9PM or so).  The next day, before you go out be sure to enter your time as usual in the Patrol Log.


Our assignment is to inform visitors that the SCRA is closed. Remember, we cannot enforce. If you encounter offenders, especially repeat offenders, you are to call Brannon Eager, the lead law enforcement officer (LEO) for the Bighorn Fire Incident Command, at 928-245-6294. If he does not answer, call Dispatch at 520-202-2710.


Wear your full uniform and carry plenty of water/fluids. I would recommend a mask as well, to pull up if folks come close. The closure order and the map of the restricted area are attached. You might find it helpful to print out a copy of each to carry with you.


I know this email is long but anything new is complicated at first. By tomorrow it will be a breeze.


Thanks for stepping up yet again. The Incident Command is grateful that we can help. Email or text me with questions or problems.


Judith Peters, SCVP President

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or text to 520-599-8644

Announcements from the Forest Service 04-03-2020:


1.  If your volunteer annual parking pass has expired you can replace it by calling the Sabino main number (520-749-8700, ext 0) and leave a message. FS staff will call you back and mail you the pass.

Please address questions or concerns directly to me at


I hope this finds you all well and following all the CDC guidelines. Stay safe.


Judith Peters, SCVP President

Fellow SCVP Members, 3/11/2020

With the concern about COVID-19, and realizing that the majority of us are 60+ years old, the SCVP Board of Directors has decided that rescheduling our Annual Meeting is the safest and most prudent decision at this time.

This decision was not made lightly and included consultation with FS staff Charles Woodward (District Ranger) and Sarah Corning (our liaison). While the event-site is outdoors, we were expecting well more than 50 people and a potluck. We will take a wait-and-see approach with regard to rescheduling at a later date.


Awarding of pins is always a big part of the annual meeting and more so this year with the new cumulative lifetime pins. The recipients have been determined and plaques are mounted on the wall of the visitor center conference room and posted on the website.


We are developing a plan to distribute the pins to you as soon as possible. Tentatively a pick-up site will be outside the Visitor Center at 10am-2pm on Wednesday March 18, 2020 and Saturday March 21, 2020. So plan on those time times unless we have to change again for some reason. After the pick-up times, the remaining awards will be available at the information desk.

Thanks for all your time and efforts on the plaza, at the desk and on the trails. For any questions please contact Judith Peters at

Judith Peters & Maggie White (for the SCVP Board)