New Email Delivery System


This email is the inform you we have adjusted and changed how we deliver bulk email to everyone. 


We are now more aligned with how an organization,our size, perform this task. We have in excess of 260 addresses to send to all at once.


Unknown to many, our emails to you were being Blocked by Google as they screened us as being a possible Spam. Our practice of using Bcc to cover up your addresses, was the culprit.

Our new Domain address is as follows:


You may see a message at the base of future emails that informs you that you are within a group inside the SCVP organization, such as this:

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol" group.
To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to


As long as you are a member of the SCVP, please do not Unsubscribe at any time as you will then be left off the list for receiving updates from the Forest Service and from within the SCVP - which is all to assist you in performing your role as a Patroller.


Make sure your Spam screening clears this address. However, in addition to what has been accomplished, we have worked with Google extensively to have our Domain "Authorized". That is, your email provider "should" not block our email address.


In any case, place this domain address into your inbox and/or in your accepted emails especially if you are cleaning out your SPAM box and see it sitting there.

The address: is still valid. You may see this as usual if we address a very small group.


This is word of mouth as certainly this is the elusive part- we will not know, nor will you if mail is dropping into your Spam folder. If anyone senses they are not receiving email and tell you or ask you- Please have them contact the Board VP.

Pass the word as well if you would. We will try and announce again at the Spring Social.


Thank you for your attention and Thank you for all you do for the SCVP


Board Vice President